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Special electric overhead crane

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A special electric overhead crane with a rotary trolley is designed to perform lifting operations for moving, loading and unloading of the wagons, stacks of wire rod bundles with the weight over 2 tons and temperatures up to 300 ° С.
Unique features of this special crane are, despite its very low cost, it has adopted a modern Siemens electric drive control system, reliable Sew Eurodrive geared motors for crane and trolley movement, a centralized automatic lubrication system for the sidewalls of crane rails and all bearing assemblies of wheels and drums, special heat-resistant cargo magnets DIMET for wire rod bundles are used as a load-handling device, Gessman and General Electric joystick controllers.
For the cranes with a rotating trolley as a load-handling device is mainly used a traverse with a flexible or rigid suspension. The lifting trolley is supported on the circular rail of the lower frame by running wheels. The rotation of the trolley can be full-turn, when the rotation of the cart is not limited, or part-turn, when it’s limited to a certain angle around its axis.
The cranes are manufactured as customized projects according to the customer’s specifications. They are based on a proven reliable design and controlled from a stationary or suspended to the trolley cabin. The crane lifting mechanisms are arranged according to the conventional expanded (detailed) scheme, with a winch lift and are equipped with crane electric motors with phase and squirrel-cage rotor, gearboxes and brakes of domestic production. The mechanisms of travel of the crane, trolley, rotation of the upper part of the trolley can be manufactured with the drives of the mechanisms using geared motors from the best European manufacturers.
Electric drive control systems can be: relay-contactor or frequency – types.
The shunt to the cranes can be both types: trolley (open and closed) and cable (on a rigid profile, cable drum, cable chain). The shunt to the trolleys can also be trolleys-types (open) and cable (on a string, rigid profile, cable loop, cable chain).
The field of application of the overhead cranes with a rotary trolley
Special overhead traveling cranes with a rotating trolley are designed to perform work in various industries: metallurgy, containers’ handling, moving long-measured loads that need to be unrolled during storage.

Lifting capacity, t: : 5(2,5+2,5); 6(3+3); 10(5+5); 12,5(6,25+6,25); 16; 20(10+10); 23
Span, m: : до 42
Lifting height, m:: до 16
Crane executions:: General industrial; Tropical
Operating temperature, °C.: -40…+60

1 main beams
2 end beams
3.1 movable frame of the cargo trolley
3.2 swivel platform of the cargo trolley
4.1 suspended bracket
4.2 suspended electromagnets
5 travel mechanism
6 service platform for crane’s shunt maintenence (cradle)
7 control cabin
8 cabine suspension

Special electric overhead crane
Table of special electric overhead crane
Model nameLifting capacity, t: Control cabin ISO 4301/1
КМЭСВТ-5 (83А)5stationaryА7
КМЭСВ-5 (82А)5(2,5+2,5)stationaryА7
КМЭСвт 5.510(5+5)stationary, mobileА8
ПК-16.34 (Р3211) 16mobileА8
КМЭСвт 2020(10+10) stationaryА7
КМЭСвт 23 (P1738) 2323stationaryА8