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Electric girder crane

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Electric girder crane produced by Vira-Service Intermash is inexpensive, simple and reliable lifting equipment, which is equipped with hosts of well-known European producers. Crane beams are classified as supporting and suspended.
The complete set of the crane beam consists of:

  • end beams and bridge production of Vira-Service Intermash (Ukraine);
  • telpher made by SWF (Germany), PODEM (Bulgaria);
  • electrical equipment by Schneider Electric (France);
  • cable shunt;
  • limit switches for hoist and crane travel;
  • frequency drive for crane travel by Schneider Electric, Altivar type or similar.
    Control system. Electric drive control systems: relay-contactor and frequency. The crane can be controlled using a pendant, radio control or from the cabin. Shunts for the cranes can be both trolley (open and closed) and cable (on a string, rigid profile, cable drum, cable chain).
    Electric girder is produced is the serial products. At the request of the customer, it is manufactured with conventional metal structures of load-bearing beams (I-beam, truss, tubular) or with European (box-shaped) ones. Crane travel mechanisms can be used according to the conventional expanded (detailed) scheme (electric motor, brake, reducer) or using geared motors with built-in brakes.
Lifting capacity, t:: 1÷10
Span, m: : up to 22,5
Lift height:: up to 36
Crane executions: : General industrial; Explosion-proof; Tropical
Telpher travel speed, m / min: : up to 20

1. Span beam (longitudinal girder);
2. End beams;
3. Drive of travel;
4. Drive wheels;
5. Idle wheels;
6. Stops for the hoist;
7. Brush;
8. Buffers;
9. Bolted connections.

Electric girder crane
Table of electric girder crane
Model nameLifting capacity, t:Telpher travel speed, m / min: ISO 4301/1
КБП 1130А3
КБП 2230А3
КБ 2250А5
КБП 3.23,230А3
КБ 3350А5
КБП 4430А4
КБП 5530А3
КБ 5550А5
КБП 6.36,330А4
КБП 8830А4
КБП 101030А3
КБ 101050А5