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Single-girder overhead crane

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The single-girder electric overhead crane (crane-beam) is a serial production. According to the customer’s request, they are manufactured with traditional metal structures of supporting girders (I-beam, frame-type or tubular) or European style (box-shaped). Travel mechanisms of the crane can be adopted according to the standard gearbox scheme (motor, brake, reducer) or using gear-motors with built-in brakes.
Electric drive control systems: relay-contactor and frequency type. The crane can be controlled by means of pendant, radio control or from the cabin. Shunts of the cranes can be both: trolley (open and closed) and cable (on a rigid profile, cable reel, cable chain). The cranes are equipped with telphers from European and Asian producers.
Application of single-girder overhead cranes
A single-girder overhead crane (crane-beam) is the optimal solution for many production tasks related to Lifting or handling of various goods in enclosed spaces (especially for places with low ceilings). Such lifting and transport equipment is installed in the workshops, agricultural products processing factories, warehouses and other industrial facilities.

Carrying capacity, t:: 1÷16
Span, m: up to 28.5
Lifting height, m: up to 32
Crane versions: General industrial, Explosion-proof, Tropical
Telpher’s speed, m / min.: up to 20

1. Main beam;
2. End beams;
3. Driving gear;
4. Drive wheels;
5. Idle wheels;
6. Hoist stops;
7. Wiper;
8. Buffers;
9. Bolted joint.

Single-girder overhead crane
Table of Single-girder overhead cranes
Model nameCarrying capacity, tCrane travel speed, max m/minClassification Group according to ISO 4301
КБОк 1130А3
КБОк 2230А3
КБ 2250А5
КБОк 3,2 3.230А3
КБ 3350А5
КБОк 4430А4
КБОк 5530А3
КБ 5550А5
КБОк 6,36,330А4
КБОк 8830А4
КБОк 101030А3
КБ 101050А5
КБОк 161630А3