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Grab crane

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A grab crane is a lifting equipment based on an overhead crane (single-girder or double-girder), equipped with a grab (device that grabs loads). The grab is made in the form of a bucket equipped with swivel jaws, through which the load is grabbed or scooped up bulk materials, fuel, scrap and shavings, big fraction of stone and fibrous materials, as well as long-measuring wood.
According to the mode of operation, grabs can be rope-type (connected by ropes with drive winches) and drive (motor) – types, in which the scoop-release mechanism is located on the grab itself. In accordance with the design features, thare can be two-jaw and multi-jaw grabs.
The company had started serial production of the grab crane since 1993. Great successes have been achieved in this area. The high quality of equipment delivered in a short time is appreciated in Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and the countries of the European Union.
Application of special overhead grab cranes
The grab crane is commonly used in ports, warehouses, energy enterprises, production shops, construction sites, railway stations for reloading and transportation of timber, lump and bulk cargo.

Span, m:: 10,5 - 42
Crane lifting capacity, t:: 14,3 - 111,0
Maximum size of pieces for lifting and transportation, mm: 300
Rated power of motors, kW: : 43,5; 48,5

1 main beams
2 end beams
3 cargo trolley
4 trolley shelter
5 crane travel mechanism
6 grab
7 maintenance platform for the power supply to the crane (cradle)
8 control cabin
9 electrical room
10 removable ladder
11 swivel ladder

Grab crane
Table of grab crane
Model name Crane lifting capacity, tGrab capacity, м3Bulk density of cargo, t /м3ISO 4301/1
КМЭГ 2 (9Б)20,52,6А7
КМЭГ 3.2 (16Б)3,20,82,6А7
КМЭГ 5 (59Б)51,61,8А7
КМЭГ 10 102,52,51,8А8
КМЭГ 12.5 (Р1300)12,532,6А7
КМЭГ 16 163,23,22,6А8
КМЭГ 16 16551,3А8
КМЭГл 20202,53А8
КМЭГ 20 203,23,23А8
КМЭГ 20 205,35,31,8А7