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Gantry crane

Cranes table

The technical capabilities of the lifting and transport equipment plant Vira-Service Intermash allow to produce a gantry crane with a maximum load capacity of up to 50 tons and a bridge span length of up to 42 m. The crane is operated from a cabin, from the suspended panel from a floor or through radio channel.
Area of application of gantry cranes
The gantry crane is intended for performance of works with cargo at container terminals/platforms of railway stations, for work in the warehouses, plants and workshops for production of reinforced concrete products, open platforms of the industrial enterprises, in the wood warehouses and wood transshipment points. Versatility of a design and a wide range of application make our gantry cranes in demand in various branches of production: in shops, in warehouses, at dismantling, construction and assembly, repair work for lifting and moving of cargos of various weight and dimensions.

Loading capacity, t:: 5; 8; 10; 12,5; 16; 20; 32; 50
Span, m:: до 42
Lifting height, m:: до 23
Execution of the crane:: General industrial, Tropical
Operating temperature, °C.: -40…+60

1. Bridge consoles
2. Bridge span element
3. Top buckles
4. Bottom buckles
5. Rigid support
6. Flexible support
7. Flange connections
8. Hinged joints
9. Load trolley
10. Trolley towed with a suspension bracket of a cabin
11. Driving trolleys
12. Anti-theft devices
13. Hook assembly
14. Crane control cabin
15. Shunt system to the crane (cable drum)
16. Shunt system to the trolley
17. Platforms, ladders and galleries

Gantry crane
Cranes table
Model nameLoading capacity, t
ККт5 (54Б)5
КК10 (60Б)10