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Arm crane

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The arm crane manufactured by “Vira-Service Intermash” is capable of operating at high temperature drops, effectively fulfils its tasks under any climatic conditions. The arm crane is successfully used in small industrial premises for lifting and moving small cargos. The special design of the arm crane allows to work in places inaccessible for large equipment.
By the type of installation arm cranes are divided into stationary and mobile. Stationary cranes are rotary and, in turn, according to the method of fastening, are divided into wall-mounted and standing on a column. Cranes are manufactured according to serial and individual projects, including possibility of making foundations.
Application of arm crane
The arm crane is designed for mechanization of lifting operations at separate workplaces in production and storage facilities, where the use and installation of oversized cranes is irrational or impossible, as well as at water berths for unloading and loading of small vessels.

Carrying capacity, t: 0,5 ÷ 5,0
Working length of cantilever (arm), m: до 8,0
Lifting height, m: 5,0
Crane climatic version: У1
Operating temperature, °C.: -40…+40
ISO 4301/1 classification group: А3

1. Column
2. Arrow
3. Swing drive
4. Electrical equipment
5. Electric hoist

Arm crane
Cranes table
Наименование моделиCarrying capacity, tWorking length of cantilever (arm), mLifting height, m
ККП 0,5-4-2,50,542,5
ККП 1-4-41,054
ККП 2-5-42,054
ККП 3,2-6-53,265
ККП 5-6-55,065
ККПН 1-10-61,0106