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Wire rope hoists electric

We supply telpher cranes from leading European manufacturers “PODEMCRANE” and SWF Krantechnik GmbH.


Technical parameters:

  • carrying capacity from 1 to 50 tonnes
  • lifting height from 5 m to 72 m
  • lifting speed up to 8 m/min
  • travel speed from 10 to 40 m/min


  • high cost efficiency, easy and suitable control
  • simplicity of construction, ability of self-service and repair
  • safety of work, reliability of safety devices
  • ability of start under load 

 Upon request of the Customer we can offer:

  • different climate versions, including chemically reactive environment, explosion proof and fire proof version
  • one- speed, two-speed or frequency control models
  • wire rope or chain type;
  • reduced construction height