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History of the company
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Year 1932
The history of the Vira-Service enterprise begins in 1932 with the construction of a mechanical plant, which started the production of tipping mine cars and construction friction winches. During the Great Patriotic War, the plant is fulfilling repairs of military equipment and equipment for the restoration of the brown coal industry.
Year 1932
Year 1932
Year 1946
The plant was renamed into ore repair plant. The production of coal harvesters had started, and at the same time repairs of steam engines, excavators, drying drums, presses, transformers were carried out.
Year 1962
Was taken a decision about changing the type of activity of the enterprise to mechanical engineering. The plant was renamed into the Alexandria plant of lifting and transporting equipment. The production of overhead electric cranes and water-filled rollers for seeders started.
The enterprise produced its 10,000 crane!
The enterprise produced its 10,000 crane!
The enterprise produced its 10,000 crane!
Year 1966-1967
In 1966-1967, the plant had mastered the production of electric bridge cranes.
Year 1992
Modernization of equipment for serial production of cranes.
Year 2012
Vira-Service Intermash Hoisting-and-Transport Equipment Plant LLC was established More than 26,000 cranes were produced starting from 1962 till 2021 year.
Year 2012
Year 2012
Year 2012

The plant of lifting and transport equipment “Vira-Service Intermash” designs and manufactures electric bridge cranes and supplies them to the territory of Ukraine, near and far abroad.

The plant has its own unique park of production equipment. Specialized lines for the production of bridge and end beams. Equipment with numerical control for plasma and oxygen metal cutting.

The total area of the plant
25 hectares
Main workshop area
60 000 m²
Total area for production workshops and facilities
100 000 m²
Product range

Product range:
– bridge cranes
– gantry cranes
– container cranes
– arm cranes
– metal molds
– metal structures

Specifications equipment

Technical characteristics of the equipment:
– lifting capacity 1.0 – 125.0 tons
– span of the bridge 7.5 – 42.0 m
– operating mode – light, medium, heavy, very heavy.

Machine tools and equipment

Machine tools and equipment:
– turning lathe
– bed type mills
– vertical milling machines
– jig borers
– vertical drilling machines
– radial drilling machines
– grinding machines, edge bending
– shears for cutting sheet metal up to 20 mm thickness and up to 6 m long
– presses up to 500 tons
– welding machines and semiautomatic units
– heat treatment oven

Company Stan-Komplekt is a specialized enterprise, the main activity of which is the supply of equipment and an integrated approach in solving technological problems of industrial enterprises for establishment and re-equipment of production facilities.
Kiev, Stepanf Banderi Ave, 23
Phone / fax: +38 (044) 334-39-89
Head office: +38 (044) 536-04-88
TEMP plant
TEMP plant
The TEMP plant is an industrial enterprise of machine-building direction: special technological equipment, machine-building and metalworking.
Khmelnytskyi, 99/101 Myru Ave.