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Metal Structures and Metal Forms

You can order from us: 

  • production of unique technological equipment of any complexity for manufacturing of ferroconcrete products, which are used in building of bridges and overhead passing, of industrial and residential buildings;
  • building of frame metal structures used in building of trading, warehouse, technical and sport buildings;
  • production of ordinary and power-driven stand-casings for production of pre-stressed ferroconcrete beams with 12 m, 15 m, 18 m, 21 m, 24 m, 28 m, 33 m, which are used for building of automobile, railway and foot bridges; 
  • production of metal forms for house building (ferroconcrete sleepers, pile up to 16 m length, foundation blocks, panels, floor slabs, barrier slabs, columns, flat arches, flight of stairs, cross-beams) and other metal forms; 
  • equipment design, mounting, repair and maintenance of manufactured items. 

We accept custom orders.