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Double girder overhead cranes special

The best solutions for special technical inquiries of metal, petrochemical and cellulose-paper industry

We offer the cranes with different load-handling devices:

  • grabbing cranes (cable and power-driven; two-leaf and multi-leaf grab buckets, re-loaders)
  • spreader beam cranes
  • cranes with electromagnetic plate
  • tongs cranes
  • cranes with carriages and cross-beam unit
  • pratssen cranes
  • fireproof and non-explosive proof cranes 

Technical specifications:

  • carrying capacity - up to 16 tn
  • span - up to 34.5 m
  • working mode - up to A8


Upon request of the Customer we can offer:

  • remote control (suspended or mobile remote control) or radio remote control;
  • electric control system by choice: relay connector, thyristor (thyristor-throttle) or frequency control;
  • equipment by PODEM, SWF, Schneider Electric or other European or Asian manufacturers.
  • limiter of cargo carrying capacity.
  • control from open or closed cabin (with or without air conditioner), remote control (suspended or mobile remote control) or radio remote control;
  • control from closed cabin with heating and air conditioner;different climate versions, including chemically reactive environment, explosion proof and fire proof version
  • one- speed, two-speed or frequency control models
  • wire rope or chain type;
  • electrical power supply system “Festoon”;
  • reduced construction height